Format Y-8 requires 2 cardiod and an 8 Figures.

Purpose: The Y format provides 4 channel of Surround encoding on a 270 degrees. The reject of the 8 is used as psicoacoustic dominance for the Sl and Sr channel.

On the Field X-Mat you address L and R mic on L and R channel on phase and on bus 3 and 4 out of phase for compensating the 8 reject.

Bus 3 and 4 must be at 1/2 level comparing bus 1 and 2 in order to maintain the dominance.

-Advantages: stereo encoding (DAT etc.)
Compatibilty: Stereo and good mono. Good 5.1 ready to encode
-Disadvantages: On fast motions the 8 figure reject might be noticeable
- Decoding: Prologic (good compatibility also if not encoded before).
Main applications: Environments, hi-density city trax, indoors, outdoors.

Cardiod 90 to 110
Figure 8: 90 to 70 from cardioid

Cardiod 17 to 25 cm

Figure 8 at same distance from cardiod to preserve phase for common signals.