The LFE Bass Management Synthesizer (LFE-S) is a DSP based synthesizer created in Creamware Scope environment.

LFE-S is MIDI and can be played using any master keyboard like any other MIDI expander. By the way, itís purpouse is very different from a music MIDI synthesizer.

The Synth Bass Management Synthesis (SBMS) has been created in order to feed very low frequencies on sub-woofer systems for Dolby Surround and 5.1 or 7.1 applications

Due to the hi low freq pressure generated by LFE-S, serious damage to studio monitor speakers may be caused at SPL>79 Db SPL.
For this reason, LFE-S is intended to be used only with professional subwoofer systems that can handle up to 25 Hz@85 Db SPL. LFE-S may be used also with smaller speaker, but only if trimmed > than speaker weighted low frequency response.

The LFE-S uses developed psychoacoustic algorithms that combine FM technology, shaping and modulation synthesis, Helmotz and Tartini 3rd sound researches, additive synthesis and others.

Itís complexity allows the re-creation of harmonics that emulate motion of pressure far below the 20 Hz. This is possible using upper harmonics combined in resonant synthesis, in this way you can cause a resonation on the walls and floor thus creating a deep emotional effect in the listeners.

Suited for surround production LFE-S is particulary efficient in simulating earthwakes, tremors, deep explosions etc. in cinema productions.
Created at the beginning for the Renaissance SFX library CD n. 8 - Subwoofer Fxs (that will be released in September), LFE-S has been successfully employed in many 5.1 productions.
The LFE-S is basically composed in 7 sections:

-Matrix assign